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Lakor - Hitchhiker T-shirt

Lakor - Hitchhiker T-shirt

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If you're carrying the spirit of a great adventurer within you, but only a very thin wallet in your pocket, even good advice comes at a price. This young fisherman found his great advice, when he one day browsed the net and found, that his search result this time was not fish, but the answer to his dreams. In the net he found a book, titled "Hitchhiker's Guide to the High Seas". This book inspired him to become a sackpacker, and provided him the key to fulfill his dream of exploring the world from the surface of the sea, even without any money to his name.

His life hitching waves showed him that the answer to life's biggest questions can be quite simple. Pointing your thumb to the sky was enough, if your dream was to sail around the blue planet, and find out that the purpose of life is 42... but that's a different story.

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50% Recycled Cotton, 50% Recycled Polyester

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- Machine wash 30°C

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