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Lakor - African Penguin T-shirt (Off White)

Lakor - African Penguin T-shirt (Off White)

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Having spent his entire life on the same cliff, this Penguin started to get itchy feet. There had to be more to life than eating anchovies and making guano! This is why he yearned to find happiness at sea. There was just one problem: he did not have any particular skills, that would make him a suitable crew member. Among his peers, his greatest talent was a deafening shout; however, sailors didn't exactly value this skill. Fate intervened when he crossed paths with a three-masted schooner that happened to have a malfunctioning foghorn - and that is how this African penguin became part of the crew, set sail and filled his life with exciting stories from the seven seas. As the tale goes, if you find yourself near the Cape of Good Hope and listen closely on a foggy night, you can still hear his bellowing calls echo across the waves.

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50% Recycled Cotton, 50% Recycled Polyester

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- Machine wash 30°C

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